ACKCO offers a full complement of professional services which includes support services for conferences, trainings, meetings, and hearings; Tribal infrastructure development in the areas of personnel and financial; training for staff of all Tribal programs in the areas of program development and management; strategic communications for federal and state agencies working with Tribes and Indian organizations; congressional studies; and staff support for Tribal health projects.

Since 1972, ACKCO, Inc. has successfully managed over 300 projects, representing agreements between various federal and state agencies, Tribes and villages. The successful management of these projects has required sound business practices, flexible management systems, total quality management, and controlled fiscal accounting systems. All of the aforementioned elements are an intricate part of ACKCO’s daily business practices.

Because ACKCO is Indian owned and operated, we understand the unique social and cultural characteristics of Indian Tribes and Indian organizations. This has allowed ACKCO to develop the systems and methods to work effectively with Tribes, Tribal Representatives, and Indian organizations. As stated earlier, the philosophy upon which ACKCO was founded and continues to be operated is rooted in the value system of Native Americans. ACKCO owners and staff have the personal and professional in-depth knowledge of Tribal structure, political and social, as well as the traditional values necessary to provide effective professional services.