1page_img1Since its inception in 1972, ACKCO, Inc. has focused on providing the finest professional services to American Indian tribes and organizations. ACKCO has been involved in projects with federal and state agencies, Tribes and villages, as well as other Indian organizations. These projects have required ACKCO to provide professional services to over 300 Tribes and Indian organizations throughout the country.

This exclusive focus has allowed ACKCO to evolve with tribal communities and become highly skilled and seasoned at addressing the needs of American Indian tribes and Indian organizations.  The service and management our organization provides is grounded in our core values, the mutual respect between tribal community members and ACKCO staff, and the tribal traditions held by both.

ACKCO, named for its founders, has become a respected provider of services for tribes and a committed partner in service provision. We understand the needs of the American Indian, Alaska Native and Pacific Islander people.  Each tribe is different, though American Indians, in general, share a common bond.  These qualities include such personal characteristics as spiritual attachment to the land, sharing with others, a lack of materialism, the desire to remain Indian, and a desire to retain culture and language.  As the oldest Native American firm of its kind in the country, ACKCO implements services that are grounded in Native ways of approaching life. Our approach to project implementation is based upon the following philosophy; “To acquire, utilize, and teach the best of available technology, yet root our judgment and recommendations on the value system and experienced realities of the Native American way of life.”